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We worked with Cloud Security Partners at Cloudflare, and now at RunReveal. They earned a spot at the top of our list of consultants to work with because of how knowledgeable their team is, and how they could customize their engagement to fit our needs.

- Evan Johnson, Co-Founder, RunReveal

They earned a spot at the top of our list of consultants to work with

- Evan Johnson, Cloudflare & RunReveal

Our experts in AWS, GCP, Azure, and more can help you today.

Cloud Security Partners' team of experts assesses the security of your cloud and advises you on how to reduce your risk while achieving business goals.

  • Consultants who have performed thousands of cloud security assessments
  • Architects who’ve built Fortune 20 cloud environments
  • Experts that have migrated hundreds of applications to the cloud securely
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How do we approach Cloud Security Assessments?

The Cloud Security Assessments service provides a comprehensive approach to cloud security, with:

  • Over 200 security validations against all major cloud providers (incl. AWS, Azure, and GCP)
  • Multi-cloud support
  • Mapped to common compliance and risk frameworks such as CIS, NIST, CSA
  • Differentials of new and remediated findings based on quarterly testing
  • Industry risk posture ranking
  • Detailed reports with easy to digest risk breakdowns
  • Various data formats for integrations with other ticketing or risk systems

Cloud Infrastructure Review

Cloud Security Partners comprehensively reviews your cloud infrastructure for controls that affect security posture, including:

  • IAM policies, groups, principals, and settings
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Encryption settings
  • Public infrastructure
  • Other misconfigurations
Cloud Infrastructure Review

Assessments from Many Angles

Our consultants and tooling provide an in-depth and wide breath of testing to ensure that no misconfiguration or security vulnerability is present in your environment.

Assessments from Many Angles

Comprehensive Documentation

Our reporting gives you detailed information about the issues discovered and in-depth remediation advice. Our consultants will work with your teams too.

Comprehensive Documentation


Cloud Security Partners leverages our proprietary platform to present your data so that you and your team can quickly remediate issues without getting overwhelmed.


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